I don't care if heaven won't take me back. I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe. Don't you know you're everything I have?

Sep 2014


In the myth “the exile of the sons of Uisliu” theres a description of beauty. The legendary couple in that tragic romance might be considered the archetype for youthfull beauty.

On a winters day Deirdre was locked in a tower and looking out the window she saw her servant skinning some meat in the snow.

When a raven came down to eat the bloody snow Deirdre decided she would love a man that had hair like a raven, with blood red lips against snow white skin.

When she saw Naoise he fit the description. They ran away together and the story is them being chased across ireland and scotland by an elderly Fionn who wanted Deirdre himself.

Interestingly Deirdre also says shed like her man to have cheeks like foxgloves. Its a substitute word for purple. Its probably not literally purple unless she wanted her fella to have trouble breathing. The colour or the plant mightve symbolised something.

Sep 2014

Sunday Mornings

So slow and sleepy…hahah

Sep 2014
I’ve… been saved by you countless times, right?
Sep 2014
Sep 2014
Sep 2014


if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships

Or it just exhausts me to keep up with so many…

Aug 2014


About 2 weeks ago I received this email:

“Dear Mr. Mac Lethal

My name is Mrs. Francine, I’m a 53 year old high-school music teacher, and I love your YouTube videos. The problem is, I can’t play them for my students because they contain too many bad words. Would you consider making a fast rap video for my students, to inspire them to be great? With no bad words?

Mrs. Francine

p.s. Do you like Mozart?”

Here’s my response, Mrs. Francine!

Aug 2014
Aug 2014

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection- Gautama Buddha (via psych-facts)

Aug 2014

"What’s on your mind?"